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House, bathhouse, and cottage construction
Septic tanks, autonomous sewage systems
Apartment renovation and finishing
Stretch ceilings
Window installation
Window repair
Well drilling
Formwork rental
Construction tower rental

Online store
Instagram store
Offline stores
Exam preparation courses
Foreign language school
Courses for acquiring a new profession
Self-development courses
Business education
Manufacturing of parts according to drawings
Production of road signs
Production of advertising structures
Car rental
Bayer Service
Insurance broker
Credit broker
Bankruptcy of individuals
Visa Center
Legal services
Business Club
Online community
Business Forum
Industry exhibition
Scrap acceptance
Technology Stack
We implement the services we believe are best for sales and marketing automation
  • CRM system
    The main tool of work for sales managers and sales manager, a source of data for a marketer
  • Warehouse accounting
    Up-to-date nomenclature and balances, full document flow with customers and suppliers
  • Cross-cutting analytics
    Collects data on all advertising campaigns and deals in CRM and shows marketing ROI
  • BPM platform
    Business process management in amoCRM, increasing the speed of work by 30-100%